Your Secure Solution for Corporate Digital Assets

The YIELD App Corporate Account is a safe, secure treasury for your organization’s digital assets. Supported by our dedicated in-house development team, the YIELD App platform is monitored 24/7 and updated constantly, ensuring that assets stored with us remain protected as they earn market-beating APYs of up to 18%.

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Leading User Experience

A Seamless Interface for Effortless Management

Designed with a seamless user -experience in mind, the YIELD App interface is clean, simple and clear, offering busy corporate customers a stress-free digital asset management experience. Queries are also managed by our dedicated Corporate Account Management team, ensuring our clients receive instant resolutions.

Business Focussed

An Account to Match Your Organization’s Needs

A YIELD App Corporate Account is a leading solution for innovative, forward-thinking companies looking to earn up to 18% APY on their digital treasury assets, including:

• Digital asset investment funds, VC’s and banks 

• Established, early-stage and start-up fintech firms

• Trading organizations, from proprietary to high frequency and algorithmic

• Centralized and decentralized crypto-focused businesses

• CEXs, DEXs, wallet services and DeFi protocols

• IDO/IEO fundraising launchpads 

Know Your Business

Dedicated Corporate Cryptocurrency Services

We recognize the unique needs of corporate clients and so, in addition to dedicated corporate account management, YIELD App offers fast-track onboarding for organizations. This includes one-to-one support for KYB (Know Your Business) processes and procedures specific to your organization and its regional jurisdiction. 

The YIELD App Corporate Account Process

Our dedicated Corporate Account Management Team is here to make opening a YIELD App Corporate Account as simple and seamless as possible. To get started, applicants will need to follow these steps: