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YIELD is DeFi for

Your Friends
Your Aunt
Your Accountant
Your Neighbour
Your Lawyer
Your Teacher
Your Students
Your Spouse
Your Dog Walker

Built for Inclusion


is one of the most exciting developments in Financial Technology. Finally, it is accessible to all of us.

What's DeFi?

YIELD Makes it Easy deploy funds to curated, constantly monitored, and insured DeFi Strategies.

Simply define your risk tolerance and preferences, and YIELD will take care of the rest.

You’re in Good Hands

Bank-grade security, risk-averse strategies, and world-leading talent ensure that your deposits are always safe, well managed, liquid, and deployed to the most favorable positions

Participate with
the Click of a Button

On YIELD, you can deposit and withdraw directly to your bank account, credit card, or crypto wallet. No need for endless chains of currency and token swaps. 

Internationally accepted Debit Cards, interest bearing saving accounts, and vault services for all commonly used crypto assets, turn YIELD into the one-stop-shop solution for your activity in the crypto market.

Experts, Robots, and Cutting Edge Knowledge

Are what make YIELD tick under the hood. Our market-monitoring bots assist a team of world-leading Yield Farming experts in curating safe, yet highly yielding DeFi positions.

You’ll be always kept in the know, and can edit or exit positions at any time.


Tim Frost

Communication Lead

Founder and Project Lead. Tim comes from a rich Fintech, marketing, business development, and operations background. He is an early stage growth entrepreneur and Investor in fintech. Tim positioned and helped grow companies such as QTUM, NEO, Wirex, Paxful, and others. Founder of Torus in 2016.

Aleksei Korobeinikov

Communication Lead

is a Blockchain Solutions Architect and R&D Engineer. Aleksei has successfully delivered 25+ projects in multiple protocols with DLT as core component. Aleksi is a contributor to Ethereum Plasma and  the development of payment-channels over Ethereum, Bitcoin, and cross-chain bridges.

Dr. Jason Corbett

Communication Lead

Managing Partner at Silk Legal who has advised dozens of fintech & blockchain companies. Jason is General Counsel of EQIBank and ranked international finance lawyer.

Gal Bracha

Communication Lead

is an Elite Cyberintelligence Unit graduate, trained by the Israeli Defence Forces. He has been leading R&D teams for the last 14 years, has Co-founded three companies, and specializes in scaling high performance systems.

Justin Wright

Communication Lead

Justin has over 20 years of investment banking, funds management, consulting and financial technology experience. He brings hands on knowhow in structured financial product development, multi asset class financial arbitrage and delivery of technology led strategic partnerships. Justin is a passionate FinTech regulatory advocate and business commentator on CNBC Asia.

Jan Strandberg

Communication Lead

is a Growth Hacker with an extensive career in SEO and digital marketing, recognized and well known in the space. He has turned Paxful into the largest P2P marketplace worldwide and an ATM. He has many successful ventures in gaming and cannabis.

Julian Feder

Communication Lead

Communication Lead, has over 15 years of media and storytelling experience. Julian worked as a foreign-affairs journalist and editor at one of Israel’s leading TV-News outlets, served as ghost-writer for internationally recognized figures, and has led the marketing and communications strategy of several multi-million projects.

Joeri Pross

Communication Lead

Marketing Lead and founder of Hypercube, a marketing agency and video producer recognized in the space. Joeri has delivered successful videos to Binance, Polymath and INX. while also contributing to the marketing campaigns of 100+ blockchain startups.


David Johnston

Communication Lead

David is a recognized contributor to the Blockchain ecosystem. He coined the term Dapps with his Theory of Decentralized Applications. He has worn the CEO hat for several technology startups, an active angel & venture stage investor, board member & advisor to growth stage companies and open source software projects in the space.

Eric Benz

Communication Lead

CEO of Changelly, considered to be among the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. He has over 15 years of experience leading Innovative Financial Technology and has delivered SaaS systems for some of today’s biggest institutions

Hartej Sawhney

Communication Lead

is a serial entrepreneur, brand-focused investor, and an advisor to startups, family offices, regulators, governments, and an array of financial institutions. Hartej has vast experience in Fintech, Cybersecurity, and a strong knowledge of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, and related technologies.

Danish Chaudhry

Communication Lead

Currently leads Exchange and brings to this team a strong financial services background earned with Black Rock Inc and Ernst & Young Advisory. An investor and entrepreneur with successful exits in the fintech space.


in Short.

Decentralised Finance


DeFi is an umbrella term referring to a host of new tools and services in the crypto space which aim to recreate traditional financial instruments in a decentralized manner.

The DeFi space comprises applications that allow users to lend\borrow, exchange and swap crypto assets securely without having to trust third parties. Rather, all this financial activity is governed by smart contracts on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) and Lending platforms.

These platforms rely on the participation of the crowd to function, which provides them with the needed liquidity. In return participants receive fees, interest, and various forms of tokens.

Using tokens, returns, and interest rates gained from this activity in an intelligent manner is called Yield Farming.

Yield Farming

is often highly profitable, and when employed correctly - safer than most investments in crypto.

The term “Money Legos” is often used when talking about DeFi, and it refers to the inherent composability of DeFi tools. DeFi dapps are essentially basic financial functions that, unlike centralized financial services, can be used as building blocks to build more advanced financial services for various use cases. This is what we at YIELD do. We assemble different kinds of these Money Legos to create secure financial products to accommodate the needs of savers, solid investors, and long-term players.