Research & Development
Yield App Labs’ mission is to transform and enhance the Web3 landscape through collaboration with individuals and projects that share our vision of a decentralized future.
Our proprietary data systems allow us to deliver real time market analytics and insights.
Our highly experienced DeFi team has its finger on the pulse of the crypto industry at all times.
Our strong network of market participants and in-house expertise helps us navigate the Web3 space.
Our thesis
Blockchain technology enables permissionless innovation that will challenge and reshape traditional consumer and enterprise models.

Yield App Labs is best placed to make the most of the opportunities this presents through research and collaborations with cutting-edge projects.
Area of focus
We strategically collaborate with and invest in projects in the Web3 space that share our vision of a permissionless and decentralized financial future. We are dedicated to finding future leaders in the decentralised finance ecosystem.
Base Layer Infrastructure
Investing in base level of a blockchain architecture and scaling solutions for a robust ecosystem.
DeFi Primitives
Emerging financial technology that will disrupt and challenge a myriad of industries.
Web3 Innovation
Services and products for everyday consumers that leverage the power of blockchains.
Innovative projects building in NFT financialization sector to create liquidity and yield for users.
Metaverse & GameFi
Projects dedicated to building the Metaverse and adoption of on-chain gaming.
Blockchain-integrated solutions that enhance portfolio management & trade execution.
Recent updates
RedditNFT trading volume has hit an all-time high icon
#RedditNFT trading volume has hit an all-time high with over 3M wallets onboarded and over 86k NFTs minted.

This has resulted in a significant surge in #NFT volume on #Polygon with the collection’s cumulative trading volume over $4.2m since launch.
Layer-1 Blockchain Aptos has launched its Mainnet icon
Layer-1 Blockchain Aptos has launched its Mainnet today after months of testing.

Aptos is the first L1 built with a Rust-based programming language called #Move.
MEV - denotes the amount of value that is derived from ordering transactions on the blockchain icon
Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) - denotes the amount of value that is derived from ordering transactions on the blockchain.

Previously miners used to both build and validate blocks on #ETH, however following the Merge the validators now control the process.
Featured content
Solidity vs Rust/Move icon
Two of the most popular programming languages are Solidity, used to build decentralized applications for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and Rust for dApps on Solana.
26.10.2022 — 7 min read
Ethereum scaling solutions icon
All you need to know about future plans to scale the Ethereum network
21.10.2022 — 7 min read
Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work: All you need to know ahead of the Ethereum Merge icon
The news of the fast-approaching Ethereum Merge has once again brought attention to the two most widely used consensus mechanisms in the world of blockchain: Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work (PoS vs PoW).
08.09.2022 — 8 min read
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